How Do I Ensure My Talents Get Noticed?

Is your company seeing your true potential?

Is your company seeing your true potential?

Every Sunday morning I pack up laptop and head to my favorite breakfast spot (lately it's NOLO's Kitchen in North Loop). There, tucked away in a corner booth, I go through the messages I've received through my social channels. It's one of the things I look forward to the most in my week- connecting and learning from all of you. And also enjoy a bowl of NOLO's steel cut oatmeal!

My recent post about aspiring entrepreneurs making the most of their current corporate position received a handful of follow-up questions. The question from Nicole below is reflective of the most popular question I received so I'm sharing my response for all of you.

Look forward to continuing to connect! 

Q; Hi Alan. How should I ensure that my work and my contributions get visibility within my company? What new skills do I need to move ahead?- Nicole G.

A: Hi Nicole. Without having context to what type of industry you are in, I’m not sure what specific skills to recommend. In general, continuing to work on communication skills, both oral and written, are timeless.

My advice for having your work highlighted is to do a project outside of your day-to-day responsibilities related to your industry. It will highlight your ambition and your direct report will be more likely to showcase your project with other executives and co-workers because it’s beyond your job scope and offers a new perspective.

If it’s done well, (which I’m sure it will be!) they will pay more attention to the actual work they are paying you for. Even if they don’t highlight your project, you can always repurpose it into a Medium or LinkedIn post to build your personal brand.